David Rossiter - Artist
I live in Bellbrae on Victoria’s west coast, surrounded by magnificent beaches, bush and farmland, and with the Otway Ranges just down the road. The urge to try and capture the essence of this great coastline comes and goes and I will revisit it sometime (before most of our trees are cut down and shipped off to Japan as woodchips). My ongoing interests in Australia’s history, evolution and anthropology have been major sources of inspiration for me and cause for my work to move and maintain a figurative direction, with healthy doses of narrative and dark humour bubbling to the surface. I have always been an avid traveller and what I have seen and experienced during many adventures has stimulated my interest in describing the human condition and how that presents itself in demanding circumstances. My work is an amalgamation of these disparate but related origins.
Trying to Hear, 2004, Acrylic on Canvas on Board, 60 x 45cm